Get really social with the one you love this Valentine's Day.

Start by staying off your mobile device.

To make sure Cupid's arrow hits its mark abd the sparks fly without interruption, we recommend giving one of these naughty gifts to your significant other.

Offlining CellShield Condoms

with Texticidal Lubricant:

Show you care by coming prepared. Keep your phone

covered and let your sweetie know you're only thinking

of one person tonight.

Offlining Pintimate Hands-Free

Security System:

This Valentine's day, keep it in your pants

- your phone, that is.

Offlining Bonding Bands:

Show your devotion to your honey with some light

bondage. The Offlining Bonding Band keeps your phones

together, screen-to-screen so you can stay cheek-to-cheek.


Don't let texts, calls or emails interrupt your night of romance. Offlining CellShield Condoms with texticida lubricant are so thin, you'll forget that your phone is there.

Nothing can kill an intimate evening like a text message, email

or phone call. Keep love in the air and your phone out of your

hands with an Offlining Pintimate hands-free security system.

Are you really going to let a text message get in the way of a

romantic dinner with your special someone? Of course not. Slip your phones into an Offlining Bonding Band and keep your romantic evening from slipping through your fingers.